Compulsive Overeater


I’m a stress/boredom induced binge eater and I’m not happy about it! How do I figure this? Well I googled it of course.. No but seriously, I’m weird. For the most part I manage to eat good healthy foods in normal amounts, but for some reason without fail, on a pretty much daily basis, I over-eat so much that I feel sickly and end up sleeping it off. [In my defense I usually do the binging right before bedtime, so the going to sleep part isn’t totally whacko.]
In any case, I’ve been fighting to lose those last few pounds for so long that it finally hit me: these frequent binges have to be what’s holding me back!
So starting today, I’m going to attempt to control this awful behavior.
[Small Side note: this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to overcome this habit, but it is the first time I’m blogging about it. Hopefully this will hold me more accoutable!]

My steps to stop binging:
1. Keep little to no ready-to-eat food in the house. If everything has to be prepped and cooked, I’ll be less likely to shovel so much in.
2. Drink water instead. If I feel like eating, I will drink a glass of water first. If I’m still feeling hungry after, then it’s probably actual hunger as a pose to a weird binging craving.
3. Use distraction. Since I’m pretty convinced a majority of the eating comes from boredom or an odd way of avoiding a stressful chore, I have to find something to do instead of raiding cabinets. Even if that means sorting laundry or finally paying that overpriced ER bill, ugh.

I hope these steps will help me overcome a behavior I’ve become quite fed up with.
Updates to come…wish me luck.

Slice n’ dice. A mini photo journal of the month long fiasco that is my sliced hand.


The blood, soaking through one of many bunches of tissues I used before getting to the hospital. =X

My centipede looking stitches. Six total.

An update mid way on the healing process. Took such a long time to close.

The peeling process, bye bye poor skin.

After 4 full weeks, the wound is finally closed, and left a pretty significant scar to boot.

Lazy truth.


I saw this brief interview on a morning news program.;contentBody

I love this kid’s outlook.    It’s so true; many people have degrees, but it doesn’t mean they have any idea how to do any job well.   This guy decided he didn’t need a college education to run his goal business and so he dropped out of school and is now crazy successful.  He’s sorta preaching you don’t need college to gain success (in his industry anyway).  Naturally, the media couldn’t seem to grasp such a concept and it seems like they were frightened by what this young kid had to say.  Meanwhile, I totally agree!  I didn’t need college to get where I am today, but it was a road I feel we’re all expected to take and upon graduating high school I thought I needed that degree, no matter what.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of industries where furthering your education is crucial; but it simply isn’t true of all industries and I think there’s too much unnecessary pressure stating the idea that: no college = no future.

Just because people spend time to pass through college doesn’t mean anything once they hit the real world.  Plenty of people have degrees, but many people are useless and clueless workers.    Hmph.. if only people could have more motivation, common sense, and drive (and society had less of a standard requirement of degrees).. we could have more successful people and far less college loan debt.

Tramming around.


This weekend, for the first time, I took a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram.  It was a long awaited NYC adventure I’ve been meaning to do..after all it has been boasted as one of this cities “best kept secrets” and promises “exciting views” of the skyline.  And at no additional cost to a monthly metro card holder, it seemed like a perfect way to spend an unseasonably warm fall afternoon.


Were the views the best I’ve ever seen?  Certainly not, but they weren’t half bad.  These few shots are some of the best I captured.

Now if you’re wondering what the island had to offer once we arrived..well not a whole lot.  Overall the place was just creepy, and why wouldn’t it be?  This is where NY used to send all the sick, all the crazies, and all the criminals for years.  No joke, there have been prisons, insane asylums, and small pox hospitals built on the site in the past.  Those creepy places have long since been closed down or re-purposed as pricey condominiums.. so now the island is just another residential option for New Yorkers..

Giving thanks…


I figure a Thanksgiving spent recovering on my couch is as good a day as any to start writing my LaraLog Blog. 🙂   Why am I being super lazy on this day of thanks?  Well mostly because I spent Thanksgiving Eve, aka the biggest bar night, dancing the night away to 80’s hits.  

I do hope next year’s Thanksgiving festivities will be more warm and filled with loved-ones than this one was.  Not that I don’t love spending the day with my kitty..but a little human interaction and a homecooked meal are slightly more desirable.   For now, I’m content with the way I’ve spent this day.  I enjoyed last night and relaxed today and to me that’s enough to be thankful for.   

Holiday’s are weird to me, at least those that are a focused around family.  Give me a good Halloween or New Year’s Eve party and I’m happy as a clam, but these family-centric ones can be tough.  More so because generally everyone expects that you spend these moments surrounded by your entire family, and people seem to pity me when they find out I don’t take part in holidays in the expected manner; but it’s alright, I’m used to it. 

Anyway, enough about holidays, it’s not really my inteded topic for this ‘log.  Then again, I haven’t fully decided what my inteded topic will be, but hopefully enough to keep you fully enthralled in the posts to come. 😉

Ciao for now..